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We are a 360° BPO company that believes in investing our back-office and front–office process management expertise in empowering businesses and new start-ups. A committed team with a combination of

• Skillsets in the field of marketing & sales
• Substantial local reach
• Extensive knowledge
• Expertise in business process management services
• Operational experience of building successful businesses



Our back office support team is highly equipped at handling large volumes of data on a daily basis, and process a record number of 110,000 forms on a monthly basis. From various transactional processes such as order fulfilment, application processing, billing, to even collections, we are your partner in your progress.

• Customer acquisition application form processing
• Document scanning & verification
• Compliance check


We are your reliable data management solutions provider! Worried about large volumes of data? Just outsource and make your data management a hassle-free affair. Competent data management team equipped with best-in-class technology.
- Expert analysis:
In-depth analysis such as performance analysis, trend analysis, and defect analysis, based on your data and reports.
- Live reporting: Full visibility into reports based on the data to quickly pinpoint what is needed to run your business smoothly.
- Data security:
Authorized, secure, and seamless access to data throughout its lifecycle, through our robust set-up of a secured online real-time reporting system.
- Tailor-made reports: Customized market research and consulting services to help you succeed in today’s supercharged economic climate.


With over 30,000 clients served so far, we make our presence impactful through various forms of brand promotions. We establish your brand philosophy and existence in the physical and digital space, by helping you achieve your branding and advertising goals with our 360° Business Branding services.
- 360° Virtual Tour
By incorporating the latest technology such as, producing a 360° Virtual Tour video of your properties/ business or even your offices, is a great way to familiarize your audience with what you have to offer. Hence, by creating alluring content with the use of innovative digital technology, we offer our clients the power to tell their story with their very own 360° Virtual Tour video.


We offer management consulting to help companies improve performance and efficiency. We analyse businesses and create solutions to help companies meet their goals and win the cut-throat competition in their market.
- Infrastructure set-up
We help you set-up a mechanism for your business with the right people, process and planning.
- Market penetration
Our team of experts researches and understands markets and territories, acquires permits and licenses for penetration and skimming within various market segments.
- Strategic market planning
Plan your sales methodology by understanding the needs of your market and analyse supply vs. demand.


We offer comprehensive customer care that enhances your brand value. From verification calls, to welcome calls, after sales services, issues resolving calls and more. We handle around 29,200 calls on a monthly basis

A hi-tech set up which is capable of handling –
• Outgoing and incoming customer call centre services
• Quality assurance checks
• Pre and post-sales support
• Order processing services
• Customer service calls

We function as a seamless extension to your business with our comprehensive inbound and outbound call support to enhance your relationship with your customers. We ensure that our customer service representatives are well trained in communication skills, industry knowledge and customer service.
- Grievance Management
Our customer care executives are well-trained in handling any sensitive situation and grievance, as well as being capable of resolving any complaints smoothly while safeguarding the reputation of your business.
- Pre and post-sales Support
We provide assistance in lead generation, inquiry handling, appointment handling, knowledge support, upgrade and pre-sales support, returns and refunds support, warranty-related queries, and much more.
- Order Processing Services
Whether it is handling customer queries or processing the diverse variety of orders of your customers within short deadlines, our skilled team will take care of everything by streamlining your order processing in order to create a high customer satisfaction index.


The basic need of every dynamic business enterprise that thrives on challenges is to continually upgrade the knowledge and skill-set of its best and key assets - its people. However, many organisations underestimate the power of training and development for their existing employees.
Through training, you can develop the productivity and performance of your workforce considerably. From soft skills to communication skills, from technical knowledge to quality skills, nurturing the right training needs of your employees can help achieve better efficiency and higher job satisfaction.
We help you get there through our Training & Development programs customized to every business domain.

• Corporate Training
• Skill Enhancement Training
• Soft Skills Training
• Leadership Training
• Motivational and Behavioural Training


We are incredibly proud of being India’s preferred sales and marketing agency helping brands market their products & services. From selling on-ground, to tele-selling and selling online via social media platforms, SDI ensures that your brand gets the right kind of exposure that it needs. With a wide network of independent marketing companies located in over 33 cities across India, right from tier 1, 2 and 3 cities to extreme interiors of India.

- Brand awareness: Increased engagement with local buying communities We target and acquire customers/donors at locations such as shopping centres, special events, offices or at their doorstep. Yes, we actually meet your prospect customers and market your product at their doorstep, leading to higher sales conversion. That is how effective we are!
We offer:
• Field marketing services
• Face-to-face sales
• Tele-sales
• Event-based sales
• Sectors

Our focus is always on delivering well-informed, happy & committed customers and donors who support our client's businesses and causes over the long-term.

additional SERVICES

- Mystery Shopping:
Discover the secret of how your customers feel about your product or service.
SDI gives the utmost importance to ensuring that the clients name or brand image is not compromised, misused or mispresented by the field representatives when approaching or speaking to individual consumers. To ensure that fundraising/customer acquisition activity is conducted in the right way for all stakeholders, SDI has a set code of practice to ensure that the representatives go about with their customer acquisition activity with due care and consideration for all individuals taking the services. In keeping with the trust that these brands/clients have in SDI, we conduct timely mystery shopping activities working with third party vendors in hiring mystery shoppers to act as potential buyers, mainly at events to make certain that there is no form of misrepresentation, suspicious activity or any sort of misbehavioural activity by any of the field representatives while representing the brand. Thus providing the consumer a delightful experience and the brand/client, a long lasting relationship with the acquired consumer. Our meticulously designed mystery shopping questionnaire templates cover all aspects of code of conduct and code of practice, thus helping mystery shoppers while recording these activities.

- Bookkeeping & Accounting Services: No matter the size or scope of your business, it cannot survive without an effective account management system. But hiring a qualified, expert team of accountants, or developing an entire accounts department in-house may prove to be an expensive and non-viable option for every business. Therefore, we, at Evolve are here to assist you with one of the biggest challenges of any business, its book-keeping, accounting, and taxation needs, and beyond.

- Commercial Photography Services: In today’s world of visual storytelling, photography is a crucial part of selling & marketing any business or idea. Photographs & videos can help you visually stand out amongst the competition and get noticed. At Support Direct (India) Pvt. Ltd, we understand the prominence of a good visual representation of your company, products and the way you offer services to your clients, keeping your specific industry and needs into consideration. We help process your imagination into images as an additional service through Spirie Marketing India.

In the past two decades, Support Direct (India) Pvt. Ltd has successfully associated with many well-known and new companies, offering them back-end support and a marketing channel in India’s competitive markets. In addition to established companies, Support Direct (India) Pvt. Ltd is an ultimate partner for start-ups in providing them a great head-start through its robust expertise.
We also provide support in terms of
• In-depth market research and analysis
• Accurate sales forecasting
• Prospect customer demographics
• Brand guidance
• Extensive product training
• Powerful sales tools

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