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Tony Fernandez

Tony Fernandez was raised and graduated in Bangalore. While travelling with a Bangalore based cricket team on a tour of Australia, he came across and answered an ad for a Direct Sales Company based in Sydney in 1989. He got trained and worked with them before moving to Perth to start his own company, importing consumer goods and selling directly.

After a successful stint in Australia, Tony relocated to Manchester, England in 1991 looking for newer markets, opportunities and business expansion. While acclimatizing to a new culture and learning a new business, success was hard to come to him between the years 1991 and 1995; but those experiences created a balanced and consistent entrepreneur.He calls this, ‘the period of learning’ to run a business and to manage oneself. The winds of the company changed thereafter, and Tony saw success follow from 1996 to 1998 in the business.


In 1998, when the Indian economy was going through significant changes that allowed newer entrants to various industries and services, Tony saw this as a huge opportunity to move back to India with the aim to provide employment, entrepreneurial and sales & marketing opportunities through customer acquisition for multinational brands. He relocated to India and founded his company in 1998 in Mumbai- the financial capital of India.

The initial years for Tony were tough and exciting in India, with a very small team and a small office space, selling just one single product. Over the years, the company started to flourish, with its share of learning experiences. Under the guidance, leadership and persistence of Tony, and his ability to forecast and adapt to political, technological, communicational and environmental changes, the company flourished and expanded to what it stands at today, with over 100+ employees, 27 different clients in 6 different market segments spread across 33 cities in India. Under Tony’s mentorship and his goal to create entrepreneurship opportunities, there are over 150+ independent marketing agencies and 3500+ business associates that are serviced successfully through SDI.

Tony Fernandez brings more than 30 years of global experience to the business. His in-depth understanding of the market place, and identifying challenges and opportunities for business growth, has led him to become an accomplished business leader with a record of delivering sustainable results through best-in-class practices. He was invited to Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2007 to talk about setting up businesses organically within emerging markets, a topic he is vastly experienced in. Between 2009 and 2013, Tony moved to Japan to expand his business, and while he was still there he also set up a direct sales company in South Korea in 2012 and helped launch a direct sales business in America in 2013. Over the years, Tony has helped strengthen the backend operations for clients and sales and marketing companies by laying out various support system services that include – Evolve in 2010 to help SMEs in setting up and running their accounting systems, and a 360 degree virtual tour photography services – Spirie India in 2017 to help increase brand and product visibility of SMEs. Tony Fernandez continues to look over the multiple businesses he has set up while also seeking newer opportunities. He divides his time mentoring, motivating and training young entrepreneurs in setting up and running successful teams and businesses.

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Sai prakash

Mr. Sai prakash, a multifaceted young lad holding a degree in Physics and Electronics, a soccer player, a lucrative career in the music industry playing drums and percussions within his grasp, pursuing his master’s, is when he came to a crossroad at the age of 24 wherein he decided to take a different path. His parents were encouraging him to secure a stable white-collar job, so in August 1998, Sai responded to a newspaper advertisement from an international company offering opportunities in the sales and marketing industry. Sai’s intelligence enabled him to not only understand the opportunity, but to take it on with all his might. And not only did he perform beyond expectations, but was also able to set new standards with his drive of seeking perfection which enabled him to give the country countless promotions and clients.


Always seeking a challenge has been Sai’s most valued trait, and he took the decision to launch the fund raising division in India and has been leading it seamlessly ever since. Yet, that wasn't enough for Sai, and that's when he went out to be the 1st vice president of the company, and under his supreme leadership the country has now transformed into an impressive organization with marketing companies across the nation. Operating in a number of marketing sectors, including fund raising, telecommunications, entertainment and insurance, Sai became a key contributor to our business network.

With his special ability to recognize, develop and harness the potential of people, Sai has now set his goals bigger and is looking to expand his business beyond the borders and set new records globally and is willing to face any challenge that comes his way with the motive of developing key partners with an international edge to be global players felicitating the international expansion plan that is set up by the company.



Coming from a working class background and living a life full of compromises most of the time, made Kishore Tarachandani want to make it big. From a very early age he worked in different jobs but was never satisfied, and couldn’t imagine working for someone else. Kishore always dreamt of running his own business but had no clue where life would take him. There was never enough time or money for any trial and errors.

One fine day he came across an advertisement in the newspaper for a vacancy as a management trainee at a London based firm and walked in for an interview. After being selected he was trained in field sales and had to work his way up to become a Business Head and run his own company. He told himself, “Let’s do it”, as there was nothing to lose. He finally felt his dreams of being independent and running his own business coming true.

He worked hard with absolutely no excuses. He felt privileged to be a part of this organisation. After learning every aspect from revenue generation to revenue management, sales, training, people management etc., he soon got promoted to a Business Head after which he went all out to build the business across the country. Kishore got the opportunity to travel the world and learn from the best in the business. He had some great experiences over the years and faced many ups and downs. From starting new cities, working with new clients and handling different portfolios, he took on everything in his stride. what a journey it has been!!. Keeping at it was the key for his success in this business. He knew building a business would never be easy and challenges were always going to be there and he wanted to explore every opportunity that came his way. Over the years challenges have helped him grow; as the saying goes “good days make you money and bad days build your character. Every time when he was faced with adversity, or was dejected or felt like giving up, the question he would ask himself was, “why did I start in the first place.”. This always gave him hope and strength Kishore has worked in different cities across India to build the business, experienced different cultures from all over the country. Kishore has faced many challenges along the way whether it was in rebuilding the business or rebuilding the organisation over the last 23 years but he knew that the key was putting in consistent efforts. Today Kishore heads 7 products in his portfolio with 557 people with him. Kishore Tarachandani says one of the most important reason he has been able to succeed and survive in this highly changing and competitive business is “RESILIENCE”, a trait that he has developed and has been carrying with him from the beginning.

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